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The Xiantao Zhong Yi N95 respirator manufactured by Xiantao Zhongyi Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. Its N95 masks have been passed NIOSH certification. It’s situated in Xiantao, Hubei Province, China. Established in 1996, with more than 20 years development, it is one of the professional mask maker that gained CDC NIOSH clearance. Except GB standard, their articles also satisfy European Standard EN149: 2001+A1: 2009 with FFP1 NR/FFP2 NR/FFP3 NR grades and American NIOSH N95. The category they developed comprises practically all sorts of masks including disposable dust masks, particle respirators, surgical face masks and other distinct forms of non-woven items. Warm reception by multiple purchasers from various manufacturers. The most important product is the ZYB-11 N95 filtering Facepiece.

Xiantao Zhong Yi N95 mask has obtained comprehensive NIOSH certification and is our approved supplier. Xiantao Zhong Yi brand is trusted manufacturer.