Fauci’s latest insight into the novel coronavirus.

Fauci’s comments a few days ago were misinterpreted to mean that the outbreak of coronavirus were well under control. Fauci explained his thinking again yesterday. The U.S. is now seeing a slowdown in new growth, he said. But we have not yet reached a major turning point. He pointed to the clear message from coronavirus trackers in recent months: The U.S. is in a different place than it was before. He said the United States was in a “full-blown pandemic phase” during the winter and then entered what he called a “deceleration” phase.

A few months ago, 3,000 people were dying every day in the United States. Now the death toll is down to 300 a day.”

He believes the United States is slowly transitioning to what he calls a “control” phase. But there is still some way to go. But now, with vaccines, a devastating new wave of hospitalizations and deaths is averted.